Qualaroo for Custom Exit Surveys

Qualaroo for Custom Exit Surveys

Do you know of Qualaroo? You should! Nothing, in my opinion, is more valuable to a conversion optimization specialist than the voice of the customer, or should we say visitor, because let’s be honest, not every visitor is a customer… yet. Over the past years I have made avid use of different feedback tools to […]

5 tips to tweak Kampyle

There is a lot more than meets the eye as far as Kampyle is concerned. Make sure you try to get the most out of it as some settings may be hidden or unbeknownst to you. A lot can be gained by putting a little more effort into your Kampyle implementation.

Free usability testing, no really!

First the facts… Time invested: 4 hours (3 setup, 1 analysis/reporting) Tools used: Kampyle, Usabilla, Wufoo, Mailchimp Conversion rate: 19% Real value: priceless (yes, cliché I know)

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