Magitest – Screen Recording App for iPhone

Magitest – Screen Recording App for iPhone

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Of the many User Experience people who I have spoken to lately, the topic that seems to constantly come up is ‘how to perform user testing on mobile devices’.

In two previous articles I have spoken about two easy approaches. The first being Mr. Tappy, you know, the mobile usability testing rig. The second option was one that I found by accident while performing a search in the iTunes store for User Experience. UX Recorder, by ForakerLabs, was my first experience with an official app that could be used for user testing on an iOS mobile device.

This time round, I can happily add Magitest to the list of official apps.

NOTE: Magitest v2 Released. Magitest have released their v2 of their app. Magitest is now available for the iPad and fully supports Landscape mode recording. Update now!

Magitest – Simple mobile usability testing for sites and apps

For those of you who have read my post on UX Recorder in the past will know immediately the powers of screen recording apps on a mobile device. Magitest has stepped up to the plate to also service all of your mobile testing needs, in style.

When comparing solutions like Magitest to Mr. Tappy, it is clear that Magitest offers an immediate all-in-1 solution. You can take it anywhere and test both websites through the built-in browser or native apps by implementing their SDK. All the bases are covered.

Mr. Tappy’s alternate approach, filming the actual device being tested on instead of the screen, offers some benefits, too. Nevertheless, screen recording apps will let you get started today, in your home, in your office, heck, even in public transport if that is where you want to test.

Try before you buy

The app is free and offers unlimited 1-minute trial recordings. For a mere $24.99 (introductory price) $49.99, you can unlock the full potential of the app allowing you to record longer sessions.

It’s design, in my opinion, is a little more intuitive than that of UX Recorder. It’s clean, and, how silly it may sound, looks ‘fresh’.

To learn more, Magitest have created a nice demo video of their app which I can recommend watching:


  • Upgrading to the unlimited sessions version is less expensive than UX Recorder (v2 price increased to $49.99)
  • Simple and clean interface (less is more)
  • Testing is native apps possible via SDK
  • Makes an all-in-1 test lab out of your iPhone
  • Can be used to test online, and offline (native apps through SDK)


  • A current bug is preventing recording in Landscape mode (is being worked on at the moment)
  • App currently does not support iPad
  • iPhone 4s or higher recommended
  • Although touch points are recorded, the actual finger movement isn’t
  • Cannot save notes with videos


Like other screen recorder apps reviewed on my blog, Magitest is definitely one worth considering. I have taken it on several test drives already and the results are as good as would expect them. The low-cost of the app makes it a serious consideration for anyone involved in mobile user testing. By being an app, no hardware is required to conduct your tests. Simply take your iPhone and test with whoever and where ever you want (I have tested it with people, strangers, that I approached while on a commute in the train).

Magitest is a fire and forget app. You launch the test, complete it, render it, and that’s it. There is no history in the app itself of previous tests. It would  be recommended to take a notepad/iPad along to keep track of who your participants were, maybe even have them state their names prior to conducting the test. It’s not a necessity, merely an advise, especially if you want to incorporate demographics with you findings.

Bottom line… grab the app!

Download Magitest for iPhone (FREE)

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