Rosenfeld Media Library Pack Giveaway!

Rosenfeld Media Library Pack Giveaway!

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Now, I am not going to make a long blog post out of this. It is simple. With thanks to Louis Rosenfeld, owner of Rosenfeld Media, I am glad to announce that I am allowed to giveaway one single Library Pack, a $309 value.

What is a Library Pack? Well, let me tell you…

The Rosenfeld Media Library Pack, is a complete collection of ALL books currently on sale at Rosenfeld Media. The Library Pack that we are offering will include 11 books, both printed and digital.

Am I serious? Is this real?

Louis Rosenfeld No Joke

Like Louis said… this is no joke. $309 worth of books, UX reading goodness, you don’t want to miss this contest.

What’s the catch? Nothing really. By participating in the contest, you are agreeing to receive my monthly newsletter, which of course, will contain more news about future contests and giveaways. We live in the digital age, so unsubscribing can be done at any time. Leave it up to me to make it worth your while!

All 11 book are up for grabs

Which books will be included in the Library Pack? Here is a list:

  1. Make it so – Nathan Shedroff, Christopher Noessel
  2. The Mobile Frontier – Rachel Hinman (read my review)
  3. Playful Design – John Ferrara (read my review)
  4. Search Analytics for you Site – Louis Rosenfeld
  5. Storytelling for User Experience – Whitney Quesenbery, Kevin Brooks
  6. Remote Research – Nate Bolt
  7. Prototyping – Todd Zaki Warfel
  8. Card Sorting – Donna Spencer
  9. Design is the Problem – Nathan Shedroff
  10. Web Form Design – Luke Wroblewski
  11. Mental Models – Indi Young

Count them… 11 fantastic books!

Want to participate in the contest?

Yes, I want to participate! Sorry, contest is over…

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