In-Store Customer Surveys

In-Store Customer Surveys

Today I was on the receiving end of a customer surveys campaign at IKEA. It was not the first time I had noticed IKEA had started collecting customer feedback through in store systems. This time, instead of the passive fixed customer survey stations, I was pro-actively approached and asked to fill in the customer survey […]

The Travelers’ Voice

Last week I presented my Voice of the Customer presentation at the Dutch Emerce eTravel 2011 event in Amsterdam. The event which focusses on developments and trends in the online travel industry was a great moment to share some of my experience setting up and maintaining Voice of the Customer programmes.

The rise of the user’s voice!

I am sure that some of you know the quote “It’s my way or the highway“. Patrick Swayze’s character ‘Dalton’ in Roadhouse sure did know how to lay down the law. Although I am not trying to compare the online world to a rough road side bar, what I would like to point out is […]

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