Wheel of Persuasion – Online Persuasion Techniques enters Beta

Wheel of Persuasion – Online Persuasion Techniques enters Beta

Bart Schutz, a psychologist and renowned expert on online persuasion techniques, has been busy. He has been working hard in order to Beta launch his Wheel of Persuasion in time for the Conversion Conference 2013 which starts next week. Today, the time has finally come. In my mail box I found a invite to the […]

Zurb’s Clue The Free 5 Second Test

Have you heard of Zurb? Have you heard of the infamous 5-second-test methodology? Well, then you must know about Clue. Clue is Zurb’s free 5-second-testing tool that will allow you to set up a test within… well, ironically enough in less than 5 seconds and allow anyone to participate.

Yottaa launches their web performance testing tool at WebsiteTest.com

Yottaa announced yesterday, in their newsletter, that they have launched their open website performance testing platform at WebsiteTest.com. Yottaa is a Boston-based startup focusing on delivering website performance testing and optimization services. With the new website, which they claim to be the ‘first of its kind’, they are opening up web performance testing to us […]

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