Top Customer Feedback Tools for Small Businesses

Top Customer Feedback Tools for Small Businesses

It is no secret that customer feedback tools are essential to any online business. In today’s market there seems to be an abundance of tools available, many that focus on customer feedback collection. How do you choose which customer feedback tool is right for you? How will you learn to find actual insights (pun intended) […]

The Travelers’ Voice

Last week I presented my Voice of the Customer presentation at the Dutch Emerce eTravel 2011 event in Amsterdam. The event which focusses on developments and trends in the online travel industry was a great moment to share some of my experience setting up and maintaining Voice of the Customer programmes.

True Intent Conversion Rate

How can we grab the attention of the chiefs, the managers, the budgetholders? Like many wise guru’s have said many times in the past… monetize it the metric. Add a monetary value to the metric and quickly show the potential income gain that can be made.

The rise of the user’s voice!

I am sure that some of you know the quote “It’s my way or the highway“. Patrick Swayze’s character ‘Dalton’ in Roadhouse sure did know how to lay down the law. Although I am not trying to compare the online world to a rough road side bar, what I would like to point out is […]

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