Usable Usability by Eric Reiss published!

Usable Usability by Eric Reiss has just been published on Wow, this caught me off guard. I had this book listed for a July publication, even Wikipedia did, better update that Eric *wink*. I was going to post about the publication next week, like I have been doing the previous months along with other […]

Essential UX Books for Beginners

Essential UX Books for Beginners

Last week a visitor to Actual Insights contacted me with a very common request after reading my post on upcoming UX books in June. So common, I should definitely write a blog post on it. The visitor in question had been a long time creative expert and had a vast experience in designing websites. Her predicament […]

User Experience Books – June 2012

Here is another overview of upcoming User Experience books for the month of June. Although some of the books in last month’s post were mere announcements, my apologies if I got people’s hopes up, I have to admit that Rosenfeld Media’s publication of John Ferrara’s Playful Design was a welcome one and one that I […]

User Experience Books – May 2012

User Experience Books – May 2012

I’ll be honest. My reason for publishing brief posts about upcoming User Experience books, like I did in an earlier post, is two-fold. First, there is a real drive to let others know which books inspire my every day work and help me learn more about my profession. Second, is to keep this blog up […]

New Insightful UX Books

Books, books, and books. Who doesn’t love reading books? Lately, some really good UX (User Experience) orientated books have been hitting the shelves in digital books stores everywhere. Most notably at Rosenfeld Media and A Book Apart. This year Morgan Kaufmann looks to be hitting the ground running. With no exact release dates being communicated, […]

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