Book Review: Experiment! by Colin McFarland

Book Review: Experiment! by Colin McFarland

“You are not alone.” Okay, it sounds kind of corny, but this is what I felt when I was reading the book. When I was reading the first few pages, I was taken aback about the honest and open approach on website conversion optimization. Unlike many other popular books on the subject, Colin’s book doesn’t […]

Prospective Optimization

Being a keynote speaker at a web analytics conference where you get to open for Avinash Kaushik… how many times does happen? Well, for me it was the first time and memorable one, too. My keynote presentation titled “Prospective Optimization: Thomas Cook’s Travels Beyond Web Analytics (Data)” which I presented at the Web Analytics Congres […]

True Intent Conversion Rate

How can we grab the attention of the chiefs, the managers, the budgetholders? Like many wise guru’s have said many times in the past… monetize it the metric. Add a monetary value to the metric and quickly show the potential income gain that can be made.

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