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Join Online Research Panel

Hi there! Thank you for considering to join my online research panel.

Why do I need an online research panel?

I am constantly on the look out to try new testing techniques. I want to use available tools, bend them, break them, use them in ways that will help me find valuable insights, just like I did in my research about trust logos.

I will be testing using remote user research methods such as usability testing, surveys, interaction testing, card sorting and more. I will keep the tests short and sweet and share my insights on this blog.

I will test major websites, and even research tool suppliers themselves. Heck, with remote user research, we can test anything we want. So why not be a part of it yourself?

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What’s in it for me?

Online Research Panel Prizes

Win giftcards!

By being a part of this panel, you will be regularly invited to participate in online research projects. In return, I will raffle off:

  • gift cards to major online vendors such as Amazon, and iTunes/PlayStore
  • User Experience books
  • premium accounts to User Experience online tools
  • premium upgrades to User Experience mobile apps

Let me sign up today!

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