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Matthew Niederberger - Profile PhotoMy professional experience and goals are all online related with a main focus on creating actionable insights that will assist the business in generating more revenue and positively increase the customer’s overall experience.

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It is my opinion that there is more to online optimization than just clickstream analysis and as a user experience manager it is in my and the company’s best interest to take a broader approach to finding and acting on revenue increasing opportunities through user centric design.

I believe in an agile approach. I believe in deploying lean methodologies in order to cut down on research and development costs and focus on finding the right mix between business objectives and customer experience which are intricately linked to increasing conversion and revenue.

As a pragmatic user experience manager I enjoy assisting companies track, analyze and improve their online activities.

Skills and Goals

I am skilled in many tools, enjoy participating in well planned and ad-hoc projects and am motivationally driven by the hidden opportunities present within every company’s online activities.

My personal goals are to further enhance my skills as a user experience manager, to continuously remain on top of different methodologies and techniques and to further advocate the importance of user centric design and complete online monitoring.


I am a regular blogger on online topics on my personal blog (this website) and have posted articles on several leading Dutch websites such as:

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Public Speaking

I started public speaking 2011. Since then I have presented my theories and methods at the following events:

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  • Drupal Jam – Rotterdam, Netherlands (May)
  • Xchange Europe – Berlin, Germany (June)
  • Dutch Digital Analytics Association – Amsterdam, Netherlands (June)


  • Travelport – Barcelona, Spain (October)
  • IBM Performance 2012 – Brussels, Belgium (November)
  • Google Finland Travel Seminar – Helsinki, Finland (June) [Keynote]
  • eMetrics Stockholm – Stockholm, Sweden (October)
  • Emerce’s eTravel – Bussum, Netherlands (June)
  • Dutch Web Analytics Conference – Houten, Netherlands (March) [KeynoteView Presentation



wireframing, prototyping, web analytics assessment/strategies/deployment/adoption, voice of customer strategies/deployment/analysis, (agile) usability testing including multi-variate testing (mvt) and a/b split testing, (key) performance indicator development/assessment, web performance monitoring/analysis/deployment, interaction analysis strategies/deployment/analysis, community engagement analysis, competitive analysis


There’s something fresh about Matthew I’ve always appreciated as he’s willing to share knowledge and skills through his blog as well as through informal chats and internationally recognized public speaking events, at which he excels. His community focused efforts reflect his no-nonsense approach to gaining and sharing insights.

Matthew is able to focus on business and customer values, drawing on his
broad knowledge of qualitative and quantitative analytics tools he’s gained through the many years in our industry. His unique blend of digital analytics knowledge and user experience make him an ideal, pragmatic candidate for any company aiming to take their online presence and data driven decision making processes one step further.

Aurélie PolsMind Your Privacy

Matthew is a thought leader in his niche, I’ve enjoyed his keynotes several times. We have regular talks about the tools in the market place and share our experiences in testing, analytics and travel in general. I always learn something new!

Wouter Blok, Industry Manager Travel (Netherlands), Google

Matthew is on top of new developments in UX and analytics and very eager to try out new methods and tools. He has a very clear picture of developments in the UX landscape. The variety of tools in his toolbox help him to gain a very good understanding of his users and the way they behave and think. Matthew is eager to learn, a smart guy, professional, and I look forward working with him in the future.

Paul Veugen, Usabilla

Matthew is one of a kind; few are as dedicated, focused and knowledgeable as him. And make no doubt, Matthew knows what he wants. But above all, Matthew gets things done – with contagious warmth and passion that I’ve seldom experienced. Matthew Niederberger is no doubt one of the fastest rising stars on the European ecommerce arena.

Tony Markovski, Bazaarvoice

We had a pleasure to invite Matthew to Finnish client event in June 2012 to present his latest findings on how to make the web work for clients in travel industry. The great magnitude of real life cases, convincing presentation style and easy-going personality clearly provided value to the audience. At Google we love to measure success and Matthew’s presentation scored a 4.49 out of 5 which is an excellent rating.I’m happy to recommend Matthew as a speaker to any such event. He gives value, sticks to the agreed plan and is very reliable, and most importantly, is very likable person to work with. Thank you Matthew!

Niina Sauvolainen, Industry Manager Travel (Finland), Google

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