WordPress Optimization with Studiopress Genesis Framework

WordPress Optimization with Studiopress Genesis Framework

‘WordPress optimization‘ they said. ‘Your site is so slow‘ they said. You know what, they were right. That’s why, on advice from some of my fellow bloggers, I took a look at Studiopress’ Genesis Framework and their dedicated WordPress hosting platform Synthesis. Within a matter of hours, research takes time you know, I was sold. […]

Remote User Testing: London 2012 iPhone App

With the London 2012 Olympic Games only days away, I was interested in performing some remote user testing of the event’s official iPhone app to discover its pro’s and cons. It has been a long time since I first published a blog post on remote user testing, 3 months to be exact. In that post, […]

Yottaa launches their web performance testing tool at WebsiteTest.com

Yottaa announced yesterday, in their newsletter, that they have launched their open website performance testing platform at WebsiteTest.com. Yottaa is a Boston-based startup focusing on delivering website performance testing and optimization services. With the new website, which they claim to be the ‘first of its kind’, they are opening up web performance testing to us […]

Social Media Mentions as Performance KPIs

Performance is an important indicator of any user experience. You can have the most amazing looking website, but with every second delay your visitor encounters during his/her visit to you website, you are unnecessarily and very directly risking your revenue stream. Social Media mentions are not only a great way to interact with your audience, […]

Yottaa, web performance monitoring made easy

Web Performance is a hot topic, no doubt about it. In the wake of this year’s Velocity conference in Santa Clara, California I took a moment to talk to Coach Wei. Coach is the CEO of the web performance optimization startup Yotta operating out of Boston. In this interview I asked him about his work […]

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