Zurb’s Clue The Free 5 Second Test

Have you heard of Zurb? Have you heard of the infamous 5-second-test methodology? Well, then you must know about Clue. Clue is Zurb’s free 5-second-testing tool that will allow you to set up a test within… well, ironically enough in less than 5 seconds and allow anyone to participate.

Book Review: 100 Things Every Presenter Needs To Know About People

In May of this year, Susan Weinschenk (also known as @thebrainlady on Twitter) released her 3rd book, the 2nd book in the “100 things” series. In her first 2 books, Susan shared with us, her knowledge on the effects of neuroscience on web design. Her 3rd book, however, is not about the psychological aspects behind […]

New Insightful UX Books

Books, books, and books. Who doesn’t love reading books? Lately, some really good UX (User Experience) orientated books have been hitting the shelves in digital books stores everywhere. Most notably at Rosenfeld Media and A Book Apart. This year Morgan Kaufmann looks to be hitting the ground running. With no exact release dates being communicated, […]

Prospective Optimization

Being a keynote speaker at a web analytics conference where you get to open for Avinash Kaushik… how many times does happen? Well, for me it was the first time and memorable one, too. My keynote presentation titled “Prospective Optimization: Thomas Cook’s Travels Beyond Web Analytics (Data)” which I presented at the Web Analytics Congres […]

Effective Competitor Intelligence

So how do you report on Competitor Intelligence within your company? Let me guess, it is probably one of the two following options: You have a fancy account at Hitwise You have nothing In a previous article, ‘Complete Web Monitoring for $65‘, I quickly touched based on Competitive Analysis. This article, part one in a […]

Cheap iOS Usability Testing

Can anyone do iOS device usability testing? Absolutely. There are some great tools out there today that make this possible. If we consider great applications such as Usabilla and UserTesting then we already have most areas covered. Both tools offer usability testing functionality on mobile platforms including iOS devices. With Usabilla and UserTesting.com we can […]

Inspirational UX iPhone Apps

We have run into it at one point or another… the inspiration wall. With a plethora of blogs out there suggesting motives and methods to us on a daily basis it can be hard to lose sight of things. Inspiration can be hard to come at times. I am always reminded of this fact when […]

Tealeaf & Customer Experience Management

About 2 months ago I was asked to participate in creating a testimonial video for Tealeaf and how we have come to use it at Thomas Cook Netherlands to help gain insights into our customers’ experience. Although the video is quite short, not even 5 minutes, there is a lot to say about Tealeaf and […]

Guerilla Online Panel Recruitment

In a past blog post I described in some detail some lean and mean methods to perform remote usability tests. The article is steadily bringing visitors to my blog, visitors, who like myself, need to find uncommon methods for performing online research in order to convince the corporate-powers-that-be, that what we can do is useful […]

Interaction Insights with CrazyEgg

A few months ago I started getting questions from my colleagues on how the could use web analytics tools to gain insights into what and where the visitors clicked on individual pages. Now, most of us know that many web analytics pages come with a ‘overlay’ functionality with which you can quickly get a glimpse […]

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