Interview with Dr David Travis, founder of Userfocus

Interview with Dr David Travis, founder of Userfocus

To accompany the private launch of  ‘Usability Training Boot Camp’ on Udemy, to which actualinsights* will be able to get early access to, I took the opportunity to interview Dr David Travis, the course instructor. Dr David Travis is the founder of the renowned UK based, but internationally active, UX/Usability training and consultancy company Userfocus. […]

Interview with Userlytics’ CEO Alejandro Rivas Micoud

Interview with Userlytics’ CEO Alejandro Rivas Micoud

Today, Userlytics officially announced their solution for mobile remote user testing for iOS devices. This unmoderated approach to usability testing is unique in that it won’t require any additional hardware to record test sessions. Through a connection between the user’s iOS device and personal computer, Userlytics is able to record remote user tests with any […]

Tealeaf & Customer Experience Management

About 2 months ago I was asked to participate in creating a testimonial video for Tealeaf and how we have come to use it at Thomas Cook Netherlands to help gain insights into our customers’ experience. Although the video is quite short, not even 5 minutes, there is a lot to say about Tealeaf and […]

Yottaa, web performance monitoring made easy

Web Performance is a hot topic, no doubt about it. In the wake of this year’s Velocity conference in Santa Clara, California I took a moment to talk to Coach Wei. Coach is the CEO of the web performance optimization startup Yotta operating out of Boston. In this interview I asked him about his work […]

Interview with Derek Sivers

During the eDay 2010 conference, hosted by Emerce in Rotterdam, I had the opportunity for a one-on-one with Derek Sivers. Derek was the driving force behind and helping independent musicians sell there music via the internet. In 2008, Derek sold CDBaby and started a 2 year journey to everywhere. Living the nomadic lifestyle […]

Interview with Sean Power

In this interview with Sean Power the response and adoption of complete web monitoring is briefly discussed and Sean shares his thoughts on Web Analytics in general.

Interview with Stéphane Hamel

In the interview, Stéphane discusses his Online Analytics Maturity Model (OAMM) and his motivation to develop the tool. He also talks about tips on performing a good self assessment and what the effect is of managerial support on progression within the model.

Interview with Manoj Jasra

In this interview with Manoj Jasra, owner and founder of Web Analytics World, I talk to him about: how it all started back in 2006 his new upcoming job at WestJet his view on Multi Brand analytics the selling of his blog Web Analytics World his iPad application Josh & Emma his new project Local […]

Interview with Neil Patel

In this interview with Neil Patel, co-owner and co-founder of and, I talk to him about: the target market for KISSMetrics his view on Universal vs. Legacy tagging how he got started on his business partner Hiten Shah his future plans

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