The Art and Science of Creativity by Susan Weinschenk [VIDEO]

The Art and Science of Creativity by Susan Weinschenk [VIDEO]

Susan Weinschenk has launched a new Udemy course, her 6th so far. Susan, an instructor at the online learning platform Udemy, has released the course The Art and Science of Creativity which she will teach with rocket science extraordinair Sam Spitzer. The Art and Science, a quick introduction video You’ve convinced me… Grab this course and […]

Book Review: Usable Usability by Eric Reiss

Book Review: Usable Usability by Eric Reiss

I get it, I get, Eric Reiss and Steve Krug are good friends. Why do they both have to write such fantastic, clear spoken (no BS) usability books? Alright, I’ll tone it down. I have a reputation for being too enthusiastic at times… ‘flamboyant’ some call it. After having seen Eric Reiss present at the […]

Clicktale’s UX Salary Survey 2012

So, it has been a few weeks since I lasted posted something on my blog. Well, I was on holiday… I am sure you would do the same. In my absence, some interesting reports have published. The first one that I would quickly like to cover is Clicktale’s UX Salary Survey 2012.

Remote User Testing: London 2012 iPhone App

With the London 2012 Olympic Games only days away, I was interested in performing some remote user testing of the event’s official iPhone app to discover its pro’s and cons. It has been a long time since I first published a blog post on remote user testing, 3 months to be exact. In that post, […]

Book Review: Designing Search by Greg Nudelman

Greg Nudelman, owner of in San Francisco, is a UX specialist with extensive knowledge about and vast experience in search user interfaces. Over time he has conducted many studies on the usability of internal search engines of large companies. Now, with his second book published little over a year ago and a third book […]

Zurb’s Clue The Free 5 Second Test

Have you heard of Zurb? Have you heard of the infamous 5-second-test methodology? Well, then you must know about Clue. Clue is Zurb’s free 5-second-testing tool that will allow you to set up a test within… well, ironically enough in less than 5 seconds and allow anyone to participate.

Yottaa launches their web performance testing tool at

Yottaa announced yesterday, in their newsletter, that they have launched their open website performance testing platform at Yottaa is a Boston-based startup focusing on delivering website performance testing and optimization services. With the new website, which they claim to be the ‘first of its kind’, they are opening up web performance testing to us […]

Book Review: 100 Things Every Presenter Needs To Know About People

In May of this year, Susan Weinschenk (also known as @thebrainlady on Twitter) released her 3rd book, the 2nd book in the “100 things” series. In her first 2 books, Susan shared with us, her knowledge on the effects of neuroscience on web design. Her 3rd book, however, is not about the psychological aspects behind […]

Book Review: The Mobile Frontier by Rachel Hinman

There are two words that jump to mind after having read The Mobile Frontier by Rachel Hinman. Those words are “Inspirational” and “Insightful”. Now, you know how much we love insights on this blog, so I consider the latter to be a must for any UX book. Considering the book to be inspirational was a […]

Social Media Mentions as Performance KPIs

Performance is an important indicator of any user experience. You can have the most amazing looking website, but with every second delay your visitor encounters during his/her visit to you website, you are unnecessarily and very directly risking your revenue stream. Social Media mentions are not only a great way to interact with your audience, […]

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