UI is Communication

UI is Communication

If you are not a frequent visitor of this blog, you might have missed my previous article on UX book publisher Morgan Kaufmann and 3 books they recently released. There was one book I did not mention, a fourth book, because I felt that this book deserved a blog post of its own. UI is […]

3 Morgan Kaufmann UX Books Reviewed

3 Morgan Kaufmann UX Books Reviewed

In my eyes, I always found Rosenfeld Media one of the sole suppliers of premium UX books. Over the past 2 years I have seen Morgan Kaufmann, the organisation that has been publishing computer science books since 1984 and that was purchased by Elsevier in 2001, really improve its portfolio. Improve it enough to even […]

Book Review: Experiment! by Colin McFarland

Book Review: Experiment! by Colin McFarland

“You are not alone.” Okay, it sounds kind of corny, but this is what I felt when I was reading the book. When I was reading the first few pages, I was taken aback about the honest and open approach on website conversion optimization. Unlike many other popular books on the subject, Colin’s book doesn’t […]

Book Review: Designing Search by Greg Nudelman

Greg Nudelman, owner of DesignCaffeine.com in San Francisco, is a UX specialist with extensive knowledge about and vast experience in search user interfaces. Over time he has conducted many studies on the usability of internal search engines of large companies. Now, with his second book published little over a year ago and a third book […]

Book Review: 100 Things Every Presenter Needs To Know About People

In May of this year, Susan Weinschenk (also known as @thebrainlady on Twitter) released her 3rd book, the 2nd book in the “100 things” series. In her first 2 books, Susan shared with us, her knowledge on the effects of neuroscience on web design. Her 3rd book, however, is not about the psychological aspects behind […]

Book Review: The Mobile Frontier by Rachel Hinman

There are two words that jump to mind after having read The Mobile Frontier by Rachel Hinman. Those words are “Inspirational” and “Insightful”. Now, you know how much we love insights on this blog, so I consider the latter to be a must for any UX book. Considering the book to be inspirational was a […]

Book Review: Playful Design by John Ferrara

“I love books“. Wow, that is two blog posts in a row now in which I mention this. My girlfriend is glad that I have switched to eBooks as my collection of work related books is starting to get the upper-hand in our bookcases. Since last week, I have added another book to my e-collection, […]

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