5 Clichés About Mobile App Analytics You Should Avoid

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With millions of apps currently available for download, it’s essential for mobile developers to find ways of standing out from the crowd. However, not all mobile app analytics are created equal. In their desperation to achieve app store success, developers may adhere to clichés that don’t actually do a great deal to boost ranking.

A leader in app store marketing, Gummicube goes beyond the hackneyed mobile marketing solutions to help your app rise in Apple’s search rankings. Here are 5 clichés about mobile app analytics that our experts suggest you avoid in 2015:

1. You Can Acquire Keywords Through Google

New app marketers often make the mistake of assuming they can use the Google Keyword Tool to decide what terms to target. However, the truth is that these tools are far less effective in the mobile app world. To rise through the rankings in Apple’s App Store, developers need to garner keywords based on real mobile data and user behavior.

2. It Works Just Like SEO.

If you’re new to mobile app marketing, you may assume that ASO is just search engine optimization for apps. On the contrary, searchers behave differently in the App Store than they do on Google. At Gummicube, we understand that most app store searches include 2-3 word phrases related to app features and choose the terms for you to target accordingly.

3. Consistency Is Key.

App store search trends change with the seasons, and targeting the same terms consistently may yield poor results for your mobile app. To maintain a high ranking, developers need to change out their keywords regularly using data from inside the App Store.

4. One or Two Screenshots Is Sufficient.

You probably know that pictures are great for promoting your mobile app in the App Store. However, it’s not enough to include just one or two photos. Instead, developers should aim to use all the available space for pictures and choose images that demonstrate your product in action. The goal is to show searchers what it would be like to use your product before they buy.

5. It’s Easy to Optimize Your Mobile App Yourself.

Think it’s easy to achieve a top position in the App Store search rankings? The truth is that successful app store optimization is both complex and time consuming. From performing regular keyword research to conducing focus group testing, app developers must work tirelessly to keep their products from being buried. While a dedicated marketer can achieve great results, many app developers would rather focus on creation than sales.

For more mobile app analytics, contact Gummicube. They offer full-service mobile marketing to ensure your product finds its audience in the App Store.

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