The Ultimate Guide to Funnel Optimization

The Ultimate Guide to Funnel Optimization

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Last week we have seen some great deals on Udemy courses. If you were lucky and used the TOP19 coupon code, you could have gotten your hands on Sean Johnson’s course The Ultimate Guide to Funnel Optimization for a mere $19.

Forget revenue, focus on growth

Buzzword bingo buzzers ready… Growth Hacking has been all the rage for the last many months. Maybe it is just another label for self proclaimed experts to stick on their LinkedIN profiles, or when take more seriously a more crucial step before conversion optimization should even be considered.

Be honest, how fun is it to optimize an almost empty funnel? Exactly, it isn’t. So this whole exercise should be taken too lightly if you ask me. Guess what, if you think so too, you are not alone.

Sean Ellis, CEO/Founder of Qualaroo, and founder of had a lot to say about Sean Johnson’s deck on funnel optimization. Being no stranger to startups himself it is easy to accept his point of view that number should user base growth more than initial revenue.

Sean Ellis quote on Sean Johnson

Start learning about Growth Hacking and Funnel Optimization

The Ultimate Guide to Funnel OptimizationTo get started with growth hacking or, as the title of this suggests, funnel optimization there are good resources out there. The resources I would like to focus on today is Sean Johnson’s Udemy course.

In his Udemy course The Ultimate Guide to Funnel Optmization Sean Johnson starts with a ‘in your face’ quote:

Startups don’t fail because they can’t get the technology built. They fail because they can’t get customers.

The Ultimate Guide to Funnel Optimization by Sean Johnson on Udemy

The Ultimate Guide to Funnel Optimization by Sean Johnson on Udemy

As the professor of marketing Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management Sean Johnson teaches much of the same content in his course to the lucky few MBA students in his class.

His vast experience in teaching MBA students is clearly visible in his course. Even though the course is under 3 hours in length, his lectures definitely weigh heavy in terms of content.

Leverage Growth Hacking Tools and Techniques

In this Udemy course and at a fraction of the cost of a Northwestern University’s MBA course Sean says that you’ll learn not only which tools startups use to leverage their business, but also the techniques based around Dave McClure’s AARRR Funnel.

Growth Funnel

Dave McClure’s AARRR Customer Funnel

With over 150 ideas to get started yourself, The Ultimate Guide to Funnel Optimization will help you get started immediately explaining the different steps of the AARRR funnel.

Interested in taking Sean Johnson’s course? The course is available for only $129.

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