Top 5 Landing Page Courses For Marketers

Top 5 Landing Page Courses For Marketers

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How do I create the perfect landing page? Some say that you need to be a highly trained user experience specialist to create high converting designs and processes.

Well, let me say that there are many ways around that myth. To bust it, you will need to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Sure there are great tools out there that will help you create amazing landing pages, but if you don’t know how to drive a car, buying a car is utterly useless.

The first four landing page courses are all available from Udemy. Udemy’s online learning platform is unique in that it offers 30 day money back guarantee, the ability for you to download your Udemy course, and lifetime access to your courses and materials.

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1. Landing page design for marketers and entrepreneurs

Landing page design for marketers and entrepreneursOne of the most exciting courses that I have seen lately  is Jen Gordon’s ‘Landing page design for marketers and entrepreneurs’. Jen is no stranger to the field of conversion rate optimization. Her landing page designs have been published in Web Designer Magazine, on Smashing Web, MobileTUTS, and Unbounce.

Her 4 hour course includes 46 lectures and will take you through a step-by-step process for creating, designing and testing landing pages to increase conversion rates.

Even more impressive is that her course comes with $99 worth of FREE Unbounce landing page templates.

  • Course Price: $99
  • Course Rating: 5 stars
  • Number of Students: 51 (as of May 3rd 2014)

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2. How to build a landing page by Mike Fishbein

How to build a landing page by Mike FishbeinIn Mike Fishbein’s course the focus is a little more on the coding and the design. The setup behind Mike’s approach is that you are looking to build a list of subscribers, or test minimal viable products as easy as possible using WordPress.

The 90 minute course also spends some time focusing on getting traffic to your site. So, if you are looking for a more all round basic course in building an effective landing page, this might be the right course for you.

  • Course Price: $49
  • Course Rating: 5 stars
  • Number of Students: 512 (as of May 3rd 2014)

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3. How to create a high converting landing page by Nick Brighton

How to create a high converting landing page by Nick BrightonIn Nick Brighton’s course you learn about his 18 principles for creating a high converting landing page. Nick takes his course a little further and introduces students to not only setting up a landing page in terms of design and content, but also in terms of tracking what your visitors do.

In the landing page course you will also learn how to quickly setup Google Analytics, use CrazyEgg to create click and scroll heat maps, and use Qualaroo to create mini surveys on your landing page.

The course is the most expensive of the 5, but it does cover some topics left out in the other landing page courses.

  • Course Price: $149
  • Course Rating: 5 stars
  • Number of Students: 299 (as of May 3rd 2014)

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4. Landing page design and optmization by Lia Tda

Landing page design and optimization by Lia TdaIn Landing page design and optimization, Lia Tda guides you through an extensive 4.5 hour course that will teach you many aspects about creating the most effective landing page.

Lia’s focus is on technical and content aspects of landing pages. In her landing page course she will also touch on various tools that can be used to create great landing pages.

All in all a very broad landing page course.

  • Course Price: $89
  • Course Rating: 5 stars
  • Number of Students: 73 (as of May 3rd 2014)

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5. Unbounce’s The Smart Marketer’s Landing Page Conversion Course

The Smart Marketers Landing Page Conversion CourseAlright… I did save something good for last. Not the best, because I think that only you can decide what the top landing page course is for you. However, that being said, the folks over at Unbounce have made an 11-part 30 day course that will help you create awesome and effective landing pages.

The course includes input from specialists such as Rand Fish, Peep Laja, Rich Page, Linda Bustos, and of course Unbounce’s Oli Gardner himself. Since the course is free, I won’t sped to much time trying to sell it to you, just go try it today!

  • Course Price: FREE
  • Course Rating: 5 stars < my rating for it 😉
  • Number of Students: Not published, but probably a lot! (as of May 3rd 2014)

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