Learn from Web Psychologist Nathalie Nahai [Video]

Learn from Web Psychologist Nathalie Nahai [Video]

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Unless you have been hiding from the internet for the last 16 months, or turned a blind eye to the realm of online persuasion or designing for engagement you might not have heard of the Web Psychologist a.k.a. Nathalie Nahai.

Who is Nathalie Nahai?

With a background in psychology, web design and digital strategy, Nathalie coined the term ‘web psychology’ in 2011, defining it as:

the empirical study of how our online environments influence our attitudes and behaviours

Nathalie is the founder of the Institute of Web Psychology, a company that helps businesses apply scientific rigour to their design and decision-making processes, to achieve better engagement online. Through the institute Nathalie teaches the course ‘Master the 3 Secrets to Online Influence’, but if you don’t want to fork over £1,200, there is an alternative Udemy course. Nathalie lectures internationally, I missed her visit to the Netherlands a few months ago, on the subject of web psychology, and has worked with Fortune 500 companies, design agencies and SME’s. Nathalie is also a resident blogger at Psychology Today, and contributes to national publications and radio on the subject of online behaviour and research.

Webs of Influence

Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion

Webs of Influence

In December 2014, Nathalie Nahai published her book Webs of Influence which really kicked off her time in the spotlight. From the back of the book:

As legions of businesses scramble to set up virtual-shop, we face an unprecedented level of competition to win over and keep new customers online. At the forefront of this battleground is your ability to connect with your customers, nurture your relationships and understand the psychology behind what makes them click. In this book The Web Psychologist, Nathalie Nahai, expertly draws from the worlds of psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics to bring you the latest developments, cutting edge techniques and fascinating insights that will lead to online success. Webs of Influence delivers the tools you need to develop a compelling, influential and profitable online strategy which will catapult your business to the next level – with dazzling results.

Grab her book from: Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Bol.com

Web Psychology: Design persuasive websites that convert

Web Psychology - Design persuasive websites that convert

Web Psychology by Nathalie Nahai

Now, almost a year after she published her book Webs of Influence, Nathalie Nahai has launched an online course at Udemy. The course ‘Web Psychology: How to design persuasive websites that convert’ is all about learning what motivates your users. You’ll also learn:

  • about the neural correlates of beauty and how you can apply this in your web design to appeal to a universal audience.
  • key gender differences in how men and women use the web and engage with websites.
  • how to target specific audiences at a subconscious level.
  • how to use trust cues to boost your website’s perceived credibility.
  • how to use the 7 pillars of quality to increase the perceived value of your website.
  • about the importance of culture and language in web design (and some fantastic examples of what happens when you get this wrong).
  • to understand the psychology behind making a powerful first impression.
  • how you can use neuroscientific eye-tracking software to optimise your design process.
  • how to make the most of your visitors’ limited attention.

The course is available from Udemy for just $99 If you want to get a discount on the course, make sure to sign up to my newsletter  as I often get my hands on some special discount codes.

MOZ’s Whiteboard Friday

Over at Moz.com Nathalie hosted a Whiteboard Friday in which she again talks a little more about web psychology. This lively and animated clip is great to watch if you are a bit strapped for time and are like me more practically orientated. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnZ-ZZbHqBo

More resources by Nathalie Nahai

Have no fear because the internet is here! Not up to purchasing a book or an online course? No worries, there are plenty of Nathalie’s resources available online. Make sure to take a look and subscribe to Nathalie’s Youtube channel, because did you know Nathalie sings and plays the guitar? That’s what I call multi talented! And while you are at it, checkout her Slideshare account and her Webs of Influence slides.

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