Eye Tracking the User Experience

Eye Tracking the User Experience

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It has to be said that among all Rosenfeld Media books out there, Aga Bojko‘s Eye Tracking the User Experience has to be the most pleasant one.

Aga Bojko’s new book was released at the end of last month by Rosenfeld Media and is available for $22 (or $12 through this offer).

Eye Tracking the User Experience

eye tracking the user experience by aga bojko cover

Full Cover

So, for who was this book written? According to the Rosenfeld Media website, the book has mainly been written for UX practitioners, just like yourself.

The book offers step-by-step advice on how to plan, prepare, and conduct eye tracking studies

With a lot of tools on the internet these days, where do you start when it comes to eye tracking? Online tools to help you better understand you visitors motivations, hesitations, experiences, and desires are plentiful, but for eye tracking you will need to take things offline.

The Truth About Webcam Eye Tracking

Eye tracking is a widely used research method, but there are many questions and misconceptions about how to effectively apply it, and Aga Bojko has done a great job explaining it all in her book.

In the past, however, I had tried to conduct some research studies using something called webcam eye tracking, because let’s face it, proper eye tracking studies are expensive.

I first came into contact with this methodology when I visited YouEye’s website in 2012. I was curious to find out how effective this remote testing method could really be with regards to delivering insights.

Aga Bojko had this to say about webcam eye tracking in a blog post:

Regardless of its limitations, the contribution of webcam eye tracking to research is undeniable. Using webcams made it possible to conduct remote eye tracking studies and enjoy the benefits of remote testing, such as low cost, fast data collection, and global reach.

Free Resources on Flickr

Along with some interesting blog posts, Rosenfeld Media has also published all of the media files contained in the book in digital format on Flickr, free for you to download.

Resources like this flow diagram on whether to track or not to track:

eye tracking for ux to track or not to track

I really find question 2 of interest, because you always need to consider all the tool options especially when considering eye tracking.

UX Book Deal: Get the ebook for only $12

rosenfeld media books special offer

Click here for the special offer!

Well, if you are interested in getting a copy of this book then let me tell you how you can save yourself $10.

My blog has cut a deal with Rosenfeld Media allowing you to buy the book not for $22, but for a mere $12.

All you need to do is buy a $22 gift certificate for $12 here and redeem it on Rosenfeld Media’s website. Have questions? Contact me.

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  1. My favorite book ever on Eye Tracking, beside the „Oxford Handbook of Eye Movements” ;-). It’s very easy readable, good examples and a lot of recommendations what to do and what not.

    The only thing I did miss is the discount offer on this page. I paid the full price, what a bummer. But it’s worth the money.

  2. Hi Urs, Thanks for the book tip, and sorry about paying full price. The gift certificates are good for any Rosenfeld Media book. You can even buy 4 of them and get a 5th one free from Rosenfeld Media (a deal on their site). I will make sure to make note of the deal on the page 🙂

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