The Art and Science of Creativity by Susan Weinschenk [VIDEO]

The Art and Science of Creativity by Susan Weinschenk [VIDEO]

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Susan Weinschenk has launched a new Udemy course, her 6th so far. Susan, an instructor at the online learning platform Udemy, has released the course The Art and Science of Creativity which she will teach with rocket science extraordinair Sam Spitzer.

The Art and Science, a quick introduction video

You’ve convinced me… Grab this course and a $100 discount today!

So, can anyone be creative? Susan and Sam say YES

How many times have you heard that certain people are just “born creative,” and certain people “aren’t.” This course debunks this misconception by showing you that creativity is a process with clearly defined steps, that you can learn and apply towards ANY project.

Using techniques taken from brain science to rocket science, you’ll learn that everyone, including you, is born creative.

If you think of yourself as creative already,this course will make you more efficient and productive with your creativity. If you think of yourself as one of the “not creative” people, this class will show you that you ARE creative, and how to bring that creativity to fruition.

About Susan Weinschenk and Sam Spitzer

Your instructors are Susan Weinschenk and Sam Spitzer. Susan has a Ph.D. in Psychology, and 30 years of experience applying psychology to the design of software, websites, apps, and technology products. She’s the author of How to Get People to Do Stuff, and 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People.

Sam Spitzer has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, and a Bachelors Degree in English Magna Cum Laude. He had over 30 years experience as an Inventor,Aerospace Engineer with the Federal Aviation Administration, Jazz Piano Teacher, Rocket Scientist, Singer, Composer and makes the world’s most powerful water guns.

Limited time offer: $100 OFF

The course will be selling for $189. To celebrate the launch of the course, Susan is giving away a $100 discount for those ‘early adopters’ among us. To activate the discount, use the link below and start finding or enhancing your creative inner self!

Grab this course and the $100 discount

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