Wheel of Persuasion – Online Persuasion Techniques enters Beta

Wheel of Persuasion – Online Persuasion Techniques enters Beta

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Bart Schutz, a psychologist and renowned expert on online persuasion techniques, has been busy. He has been working hard in order to Beta launch his Wheel of Persuasion in time for the Conversion Conference 2013 which starts next week.

Today, the time has finally come. In my mail box I found a invite to the private Beta for Bart’s Wheel of Persuasion. Let’s go take a look.

Online Persuasion Techniques – The single resource

Have you just been asking yourself:

What is the Wheel of Persuasion?

Let me take a moment to explain.

Like I just mentioned, the Wheel of Persuasion is the brain-child (no pun intended) of Bart Schutz. It is a collection of over 200, proven and tried, online persuasion techniques.

According to Bart Schutz:

Your customer is a brain. Persuading customers = influencing brains. The more you understand your customers’ brain, the more you will outperform your competitors. Therefore ‘The Wheel’ is filled with scientific insights on the psychology of conversion (insights from behavioral economics, consumer psychology, neuromarketing, etc.).

In this world full of online data collecting, testing, and the mining of it all to find insights, it is this amazing feat that is allowing us to learn more and more about what drives our potential customers. Or it is letting us see how irrational our own, and our visitors behavior really is.

By using the Wheel of Persuasion and its huge collection of online persuasion techniques, Bart Schutz hopes that we as online professionals can get the edge on improving our performance, and design.

The Wheel of Persuasion – a closer look

Wheel of Persuasion - Online Persuasion Techniques Overview

View the wheel

The Wheel of Persuasion itself is broken down into 5 dimensions, containing 17 categories. The 5 basic dimensions from the Wheel of Persuasion can be listed as:

  1. Your Customer
  2. has an Online Dialogue
  3. with You
  4. about Your Offer
  5. in a certain Environment

The 17 categories within each dimension contain a collection of tried and tested online persuasion techniques. The techniques are accompanied by real world examples, an example being the Ambiguity Aversion technique.

In the Ambiguity Aversion technique, Bart Schutz explains:

The ambiguity effect is relevant when a decision is affected by a lack of information, or “ambiguity”. The effect implies that we tend to select options for which the probability of a favorable outcome is highest. We simply have a reluctance to accept offers that are risky or uncertain.

The effect of the technique is demonstrated in the form of an A/B test on Kras.nl, a daughter company of TUI, an international travel company.

Kras.nl switched from catalogues to online a while ago. However, customers still indicated having feelings of uncertainty (“Booking online with virtual travel documents and digital payments, I feel less sure that I indeed have a flight and a hotel”). Bart Schutz then proceded to test the hypothesis that adding information about what one gets when one books, would lead to a higher number of bookings. They ended up selling 20% more vacations!

At the time of writing this post, only 32 techniques have been published. With more that 200 in the pipeline, this is definitely a resources to keep an eye on!

About Bart Schutz

Bart SchutzBart Schutz is a born and bred psychologist. Coming from a family of psychologists, it was hard to envision him becoming anything else. Bart Schutz’s motivation into specializing in online persuasion techniques grew in parallel with the rise of online testing tool, API’s unlocking, and realization that online users can be influenced. For Bart, WWW stands for World Wide Walhalla, an unlimited source for research and optimization.

Read more about Wheel of Persuasion (to get Beta access, click on ‘Enter Now’ and request a code)

About Matthew Niederberger

Matthew works as Conversion Optimisation Manager at Ziggo BV. In his free time he enjoys family life as well as digging into online user research material whilst frequently generating some of his own, which he freely shares here on actualinsights.com.


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