Usability Training Bootcamp course now available

Usability Training Bootcamp course now available

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Userfocus’ Dr David Travis has just launched his new Usability Training Bootcamp course on Udemy. Dr David Travis, the founder of UK based UX consultancy and training company Userfocus, now has 3 courses in total on Udemy.

All three courses focus on User Experience and Usability, and his course ‘User Experience – The Ultimate Guide to Usability‘ is the most popular in its category with approximately 2000 subscribers.

Usability Training Bootcamp course

Usability Testing Bootcamp by Dr David Travis

Usability Testing Bootcamp course

Dr David Travis’ 3rd course will take from A to Z in terms of Usability testing. His previous courses have all gotten 5 star reviews, so in terms of quality you can be guaranteed that you will be getting your money’s worth.

From forming a strategy to reporting results. According to the course profile:

“In short, you’ll gain the kind of practical, industry insights that you can’t get from reading a book.”

Now, even though I love my UX books, I can’t help but be interested in online UX design courses. On October 17th Dr David Travis launched a promotional video for the Usability Training Bootcamp.

Skip the chatter and give me the Usability Training Bootcamp course

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First the good news… Usability Training Bootcamp will be retailing at $199. This price includes lifetime access to all the resources such as training videos, downloadable content, and the ability to ask the instructor Dr David Travis any course related question you might have.

As a reader of my blog I like offering free resources to you. Sometimes paid resources are essential for any professional or practitioner looking to increase his/her knowledge. These Udemy courses are definitely worth their money.

As a bonus for you and in cooperation with Dr David Travis I can offer you the course for $99, an immediate discount of $100. Simply click on the link below to make use of the offer:

Give me the Usability Training Bootcamp course for only $99 

Dr David Travis on his Usability Training Bootcamp course

I was able to do a quick Q&A with Dr David Travis himself and asked him to tell us a little more about the course. If you want to learn a bit more about Dr David Travis’ experiences with online UX training course, building them, hosting them, then please read the rest of the interview here.

Q. So what can you tell us about the new Usability Testing Bootcamp course? What will people learn, and would you recommend taking the course?

A. Some people think usability testing is easy. You just put someone down in front of your system and ask them what they think, right? Nothing could be further from the truth.

As well as running hundreds of usability test sessions myself, I’ve also observed a lot of usability tests. In some tests, the moderator has been brilliant. In other tests, less so. So on this course I make sure people learn how to moderate a usability test so it’s free of bias. Students do this by watching a live usability test. Students then hear me deconstruct the test so they can do it themselves. People can even compare their behavioural observations with mine.

But on this course, we don’t stop there. We take a tour of the main kinds of usability test method. I show how to choose between lab-based and Internet-tests. People discover how to recruit participants and design bullet-proof test tasks for their own usability test.

I’ve learnt a lot from my other courses on Udemy and this video course is about as far from a chalk and talk lecture as you’ll get. So I’ve included interviews with industry insiders: seasoned usability testers, data loggers, participant recruitment experts and clients who commission usability tests. I show people the forms, templates and cheat sheets that practitioners like me use on the job day-to-day.

If there’s one skill in user experience that every developer and designer needs to master, it’s this: how to run a usability test. I’ve put everything I know about usability testing into this course and I’m really excited about it.

Q. Will this course help people get familiar with the practical side of Usability testing?

A. Absolutely! I step people through the various stages and then provide breaks in the course where I expect people to do the step themselves. So I show people how to write test tasks and then set an exercise for people to create their own tasks. So it’s more like a workshop than a course.

Q. Usability testing often comes with a price tag, convincing management to buy-in into performing a test takes some skills. Will you be covering this in your course?

A. The course explains how to report results to managers and developers, but I don’t cover techniques to sell people on the concept of usability testing. I agree that this is an important question, but I deal with it on my “User Experience” introductory course. My user testing course is more aimed at people that want to run a test and need the skills to do it. But if enough people ask for ideas to get management buy-in, I’ll add it to the course. This is one of the pleasures of creating an online course: you can continually add new content to it!

Q. As a believer in data driven decisions, reporting on analyse is essential. What, in your expert opinion, is key to reporting on the results of usability testing?

A. It’s hard to identify a single “key” but if I was pushed I would say that the most important thing is to identify the business objectives behind the usability test before you start. You’ll be surprised at how many people run a usability test without first answering this most basic of questions. For example, is the business objective to increase conversions? Or is it to build an email list? Or perhaps the business objective is to increase social engagement? Once you’ve identified the business objective, reporting back becomes easy because you can use real user data to show how close or far the organisation is from meeting that objective.

Want to take the Usability Testing Bootcamp course? Yes, take me there.

Other UX Design Courses by Dr David Travis

As I mentioned before, Dr David Travis (@userfocus)has already published 2 other courses on Udemy. When you use the links below, you will  be able to enjoy the same $100 discount on these great courses, too.

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