Susan Weinschenk’s Online Behavioral Psychology Courses

Susan Weinschenk’s Online Behavioral Psychology Courses

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It has been some time since I wrote a blog post in which I mentioned Susan Weinschenk… a.k.a @TheBrainlady. In previous posts I have written only about her books, and even reviewed one of them. Susan, who has Ph.D. in Psychology  and over 30 years of experience as a behavioral psychologist. She applies research in psychology to predict, understand, and explain what motivates people and how they behave.

Among UX professionals Susan Weinschenk has really a household name with her books becoming recommended reading along with other great titles by authors like Dan Ariely and Robert B. Cialdini.

Online Behavioral Psychology Courses

While writing another blog post about UX courses at I came across an interesting selection of courses hosted by Susan Weinschenk herself. If you are in the field of user experience, conversion optimization, or if you are interested behavioral psychology in general then it might be worthwhile to consider taking these quite affordable courses. Check out her online behavioral psychology courses at

Design for Engagement - UdemyDesign for Engagement – How to Design So People Take Action

Definitely Susan Weinschcnk’s most popular course Design for Engagement is already being taken by more than 400 students and contains around 4.5 hours of lectures. At $169 it is also her most expensive course, but at $37.55 an hour, where can you find such a highly qualified consultant at such an amazing rate.

According to the course description:

You’ll learn what you need to know about people, how they think, decide, remember, and what motivates them. You’ll learn how to apply psychology to the design of websites, apps, and products so that they are engaging.

You’ll learn what to do so that people are more likely to take the action you want them to take — use your product, register at your website, make a purchase, and so on.

Learn more about ‘Design for Engagement’ on Udemy

How to Develop and Document Personas and Scenarios - UdemyHow to Develop & Document Personas & Scenarios

Over 150 students have followed the course on how to develop and document personas and scenarios. If you are a user researcher like myself creating personas and scenarios is a critical and even a core process to successfully designing an effective user experience. In this 1.5 hour course Susan Weinschenk will describe:

  • what data needs to be in a persona
  • the best way to document the personas
  • how enterprise-wide personas are different from project personas
  • the process for creating enterprise-wide personas
  • and more in over 20 other lectures

According to the course description:

If you want to create engaging products then you have to know and document who your audience/users are and how they are going to use your product. Personas (descriptions of your audience/users) and scenarios (short user stories) help you made good design decisions, and help you communicate with others who the target audience is, what they want to do, and what you want them to do. Personas and scenarios are critical building blocks of audience/user research.

Learn more about ‘Personas & Scenarios’ on Udemy

Task Analysis Boot Camp - UdemyTask Analysis Boot Camp – What You Need To Know Before Design

In the Task Analysis Boot Camp course, Susan Weinschenk will teach you why it is important to perform task based user research prior to starting any design project. Now, not everyone might be as thrilled as I am at the notion of performing user research, but time and time again it has proven to help any team discover and focus on what the visitor wants to do, how they do it now, and how to improve it. Every UX professional should at least know the basics, be able to discuss it over a beer/wine on Fridays.

In the Task Analysis Boot Camp course, containing 18 lectures in total, you will learn:

  • what task analysis is
  • how task analysis is critical to design
  • how to decide what to do a task analysis on
  • which different formats you can use to create a task analysis
  • who to invite to a task analysis session
  • the difference between current and optimized task analyses
  • how to decide whether to do a “blue-sky” analysis or one with constraints
  • how to use your task analysis during design

According to the course description:

If you want to design a website, application, software, or mobile app that is easy to use and has a great user experience, then you should be creating task analyses of the most important tasks the users will take with your product. 

You’ll learn how to outline the entire user experience of your product BEFORE you design with a task analysis.

Learn more about ‘Task Analysis Boot Camp’ on Udemy

Secrets of Intuitive Design - UdemySecrets of Intuitive Design – How To Design a Conceptual Model

With 25 lectures included in this 90 minute course, Secrets of Intuitive Design is again another building block in Susan Weinschenk’s course offerings at Udemy. In this course Susan Weinschenk will focus on answering two questions:

  1. Why are some websites and software easy to use and others are not?
  2. Why do users like some software products and reject others?

The question will be answered by Susan Weinschenk teaching you:

  • how to create a conceptual model
  • how to connect a conceptual model to the users’ mental models
  • how to decide on major user objects and their “views”
  • how to make critical conceptual model decisions before you wireframe or prototype a single screen in order to make sure that the conceptual model of what you design fits the users’ mental models.
  • how to use the data you have from user research to create a conceptual model that fits the users
  • what the critical components are of navigation and action bar design
  • how to use card sorting techniques to organize information in a way that makes sense to your audience

Learn more about ‘Secrets of Intuitive Design’ on Udemy

Susan Weinschenk Behavioral Psychology Books

If you are not in the mood to take an online behavioral psychology course, then consider reading one of Susan Weinschenk’s many books on the same subject. I have read all her books with much pleasure. They offer a lot of value in terms of insights and ‘a-ha’ moments. Check out her books:

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