Rosenfeld Media Library Pack Winner

Rosenfeld Media Library Pack Winner

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Long overdue… I know. Back in October 2012 a lot of things happened in my personal life that detracted me from my blog. A new job, a new home, and best of all the wonderful news that I was once again going to experience the wonders of becoming a father 🙂

As some of you may have noticed with my most recent article Measuring User Experience versus Expectations, I am back in the saddle.

Job, Home, Family +1

My new job is keeping me busy with more than just user research. Having left the travel industry for the retail industry, for a multi-national company, I am now in the front seat of so much interesting data and tools, that I am confident that I will be able discover more new and rogue research techniques and tools for me to share with you.

If you would like to connect on LinkedIN, feel free to do so.

So, who won?

Back to the post at hand… who won the Rosenfeld Media Library Pack containing all published books to date?

The winner is: Glenn Snyder

Congratulations on winning this awesome set of book! I will be in touch soon to get your postal address. I will need this to send the books to you.

Big Thank You

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank all my regular readers and those that participated in the contest. It is great to hear that my blog posts help you with your daily work, your daily research, and your need to learn more. Keep a lookout for more contests in the future… with a more speedy response of course 🙂

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Matthew works as Conversion Optimisation Manager at Ziggo BV. In his free time he enjoys family life as well as digging into online user research material whilst frequently generating some of his own, which he freely shares here on

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