iPhone Screen Recorder – xRec

iPhone Screen Recorder – xRec

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xRec, the new iPhone screen recorder by Akın Öğünç, will allow you to record the screen of your iPhone without having to jailbreak it. All that for just $1.99.

iPhone Screen Recorder

Last week I received the tip from Akın telling me that his new app xRec will be released in the Apple AppStore on July 20th. xRec is not comparable to UX Recorder or Magitest since the app allows you to record your screen, not just website is special browsers, but also apps. Now, I will be honest, I was quite surprised by the fact that Apple had approved such an app since it goes against its guidelines, but at the moment, maybe by accident, or maybe not, xRec is the only iPhone screen recorder available.

Screen recording your iPhone or iOS device is not something new. In the past you would have to jailbreak your device an install a non Apple approved app called Screen Recorder in order generate video recordings. Today, an Apple approved app will do the same thing, without having to jailbreak your iOS device.


xRec is a cleanly designed app that does one simple thing, and it does it well, it records your iPhone’s screen. The xRec app, currently selling for just $1.99 in the AppStore, runs in the background while you use your iPhone.

xRec allows you to record video and audio, and it generates a .MOV file when you stop your recording. Using only 3 tabs, the user can:

  1. start/stop recordings
  2. view generated recordings
  3. export generated recordings to other apps, or the Camera Roll
  4. adjust video quality settings
  5. adjust video recording orientation
  6. adjust audio quality
  7. adjust audio recording channels

The iPhone screen recorder app, as you can see, has enough options to get you started and if you are not convinced yet, check out the demo vide:

xRec and Mobile Usability Testing

Does the xRec iPhone screen recorder bring any value for mobile usability testing? That is the question I can imagine you asking. Initially I would say that xRec is a nice gimmick app to have on your iPhone. The more I used it however, I noticed that in combination with a second camera the app could become more valuable. Unlike performing tests with a Mr. Tappy rig, you won’t see any finger movements, but on the positive side testing without a rig will offer a more natural test environment for usability test participants.

Sure, eye tracking studies on mobile devices will be the most valuable, but not everyone has several thousands of Dollars to spend on Tobii rigs. In that respect, I think that apps like xRec, or rigs like Mr. Tappy offer valuable (and affordable) alternatives.

Grab your copy of xRec today or learn more on the xRec website

NOTE: xRec is currently only available for the iPhone.

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  1. Videos Rock says:

    Can’t deal with the uncertainty of whether this will be pulled from the Apple store or not.

    For most of my school and work type stuff, the iPad app for ‘Collaaj’ just works great. It lets me capture PPT walkthroughs with voice/annotations and cam straight into H264 video! Pretty cool. And I can easily access them anytime from collaaj.com.

    I don’t need to capture entire iOS screen generally speaking. But if I really need to, I’ve seen great success and consistent results with Reflector + Collaaj. Reflector (thereflectorapp.com) to show my iOS device screen on my PC/Mac and then use Collaaj (http://www.collaaj.com) on PC/Mac to capture video into H264.

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