Download Free Remote Usability Testing Buyer’s Guide 2013

Download Free Remote Usability Testing Buyer’s Guide 2013

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What exactly is Remote Usability Testing and how can your business benefit from it? How did Airbnb and Wimdu benefit from remote usability testing?

Being a relative new technology can be beneficial for some, confusing for others. With a handful of service providers in today’s market, how can you best choose who to deal with?

Remote Usability Testing Buyer’s Guide

Remote Usability Testing Buyers Guide 2013 covershot

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With those questions I set out, together with several providers of remote usability testing services, to create a buyer’s guide to help you learn more about the technique and tools available.

For this guide, I spoke to employees and CEO’s of,, and I spoke to them about their current tools and features, and about what 2014 might have in store for us in terms of new techniques and features.

29 Pages of Remote Usability Testing Insights

The ebook Remote Usability Testing Buyer’s Guide 2013 contains 29 pages. In those pages, the guide will help you learn what remote usability testing is and how it can help you and your business benefit. From panel recruitment services, to turn-around times, and from your basic service to full fledge Enterprise level service including complete project management, and usability test setup and analysis by usability professionals.

Remote Usability Testing Buyers Guide 2013 sample

Remote Usability Testing Buyers Guide 2013 Sample

The book also contains sample videos* and comparison charts so that you can compare key features from the 3 main service providers in the market today. Learn about the differences in plans and pricing, and test and recording types.

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CEO/Co-Founder Thoughts for 2014

As I mentioned, I spoke to people like Kyle Henderson, Lee Duddell, and Dave Garr and asked them about their thoughts on how remote usability testing will evolve in 2014.

We will see big data meet qualitative feedback. New technologies and forms of measurement will appear.

Kyle Henderson, CEO

Companies will stop designing each experience in a vacuum. They’ll start putting together the holistic understanding of the entire “user experience.”

Dave Garr, Co-Founder

While I can’t reveal all of the details, expect to see an emphasis on user-generated, rather than purely task-based, insights to better understand users’ natural behaviour.

Lee Duddell, CEO

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    just wanted to congratulate you on the Remote Usability Testing guide… first of all its nice to get some mentions (thanks 😉 but overall its also great and i hope it helps people looking to choose wisely and well….


  1. […] Actual Insights, the brainchild of Matthew Niederberger, recently published a pretty comprehensive ‘Remote User Testing Buyers Guide.’ We are really pleased to have been included. Have a look, it’s free to download here. […]

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