Concept Testing with ZURB’s Verify [Video]

Concept Testing with ZURB’s Verify [Video]

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Since being introduced to ZURB’s Verify Concept Testing tool back in 2011, I can full heartedly say that I promote this tool to all my clients, and today, I will promote it to you too.

ZURB’s Verify is part of the AppSuite. The suite consists of 4 premium tools, Verify, Notable, Solidify, and Influence. All tools are very design focused, but the common factor across them all is concept testing, to collect feedback from just about everyone. From business stakeholders, to fellow designers. From end users, to friends.

Freemium User Research Tools

Some time ago, I blogged about the free user research tools that ZURB has on offer, and even focused on one free tool in particular ‘CLUE‘. Now although ZURB has these tools on offer, the company really starts to shine when you take a look at their premium AppSuite.

When looking at Verify in particular, it is a great gesture by ZURB to even offer a free plan for this top of the line concept testing tool. It is only when you have tried it, and have felt that feeling ‘oh I wish Verify had this feature’, that you start to feel the urge to upgrade your plan and make use of some well thought out premium features.

Concept Testing, Been there, Done that

I never like to talk (well, not too much) about tools, and methods that I have never personally tested. It would make my experience, and my writing completely irrelevant to you. I would be wasting your time.

Verify took me a while to start with. You see, many of my clients have been companies that have just started to get to grips with conversion optimization. There are many great tools out there, but many of them, in order to get them to work, will need to make use of a panel. Either that, or some top notch social media recruiting.

Without the people, any people for that matter, you’ll get no insights. I encourage any company to start building an online panel. Try my guerilla panel recruitment techniques if you need help getting started, and otherwise, just perform intercepts on your website and ask visitors to participate. If all else fails, or if you have a few bucks to spend, you can always use the ‘Purchase Results’ feature in Verify.

Concept Testing with ZURB Verify - Purchase Results

Make use of Verify’s panel if you are in a rush or don’t have your own panel setup.

Purchase Results‘ might sound like an attempt at bribing an elected official, but it is not. Verify offers you the opportunity to user their panel for your research at a cost of $1 per participant. A good deal when you need fast results.

The Verify ‘Linked Test’ Lowdown

I am going to sound a little bit lazy (I hate reinventing the wheel). Instead of writing, and describing all the different Verify features, I am going to ask you to go visit their site to learn more.

What I do want to talk to you about is Linked Tests. Linked Tests are a series of Verify tests linked together. Instead of sending participants through a single, let’s say, Memory Test (Verify’s 5 second test), you can setup something like this:

Memory Test >> Yes/No Test >> Multiclick Test >> Annotate Test

All these tests together shouldn’t take more that 8 to 10 minutes to complete. If you are paying for participants, this should prove to be a good balance between time and money.

The first test will test the participants memory by viewing a design/screenshot for 5 seconds and letting them write down all that they can remember. The second test, a simple click test with right/wrong click zones will help you find out if participants can find the necessary element on your page. The third test is nothing more that a simple click test in terms of ‘where would you click to contact us’ type questions. The last test will allow participants to highlight what they like or don’t like about the design/screenshot.

A recent Linked Test setup that I used went as follows:

  1. Memory Test (Try to recall all you can after view the design for 5 seconds)
  2. Mood Test (How did the design make you feel?)
  3. Multiclick Test (4 Questions asking participants to click in the design to answer questions)
  4. Annotate Test (Highlight what you like/don’t like and tell us why)

Then I used a redirect at the end of the Verify test to send participants to a:

  • Wufoo Survey (Answer 4 topic related questions)

I used the ‘Redirection URL’ option when setting up the test, to send people on to another test, in this case a short survey. If you are paying for participants, don’t feel bad about doing this. All in all, it should be clear that Verify’s versatility, and smart features will keep me using it in future user research projects.

Not to leave you in the cold, let me at least share with you some of my Pro’s and Con’s on Verify after some extensive use.

Verify Pro’s

  • Many different types of tests in one service
  • Quick, clean, intuitive interface for participants
  • Linked Tests!
  • Option for closed (private) or open (public) tests
  • Option to redirect to URL after test
  • PDF export of results (smart looking PDF’s)

Verify Cons

  • Time limit on tests (unclear that this can be changed by clicking on ‘edit’)
  • Admin area can sometimes get confusing (always pilot your test)
  • Can be pricey if not used on a regular basis
  • If you don’t have a panel, you could end up spending money recruit your own panel, or pay to use Verify’s panel, or settle with less participants

Verify Video Walkthrough

The best way to show you, to let you experience Verify yourself before signing up would be to give you a short video walkthrough of the admin area.

In the following video, I will:

  • show you the basic setup of the admin area
  • go through the numerous of test types available
  • guide you through setting up a Memory Test (similar to a 5 second test)
  • view the preview of the test before launching it


Verify is a great piece of concept testing tooling currently available for everyone. The free account is very limited, but Verify does come in different flavors, and prices, that will most likely suit everyone’s needs. It’s greatest 2 features in my opinion are the possibilities to link different types of test together, but then also to send participants to a follow up test using a redirect URL on the thank you page. In short, a must-have concept testing tool in any user researcher’s toolbox!

Visit Verify today

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