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Have you heard of Zurb? Have you heard of the infamous 5-second-test methodology? Well, then you must know about Clue.

Clue is Zurb’s free 5-second-testing tool that will allow you to set up a test within… well, ironically enough in less than 5 seconds and allow anyone to participate.

Not Selling Hot Air

Ok, I am not going to plug services without a goal. And let’s be honest, 5-second-tests have been around longer than I have had a smartphone (I know, completely unrelated from each other).

Some of the worthwhile articles I could find on the internet about 5-second-testing come from our friends over at UIE.com. In the article Christine Perfetti describes her experience when testing a donation page.

The Benefits of 5 Second Tests

She points out that one of the biggest benefits of 5-second-testing is that it is quick. Testing participants in some cases often took less than 10-minutes. Christine goes on to say:

When we give users more than 5 seconds to study the page, we’ve found they start looking at the page more like a designer, noticing details they would normally miss or misinterpret.

According to the articles, 5-second-testing is best used in scenarios where you want to test pages with a single purpose. It is not ideal for testing navigation, or the discovery of on-page functionalities, but if you want to know if your pages’ single most important call-to-action is being caught by the visitors’ eye, this is the methodology for you.

Humans And Gold Fish

According to an old study (2002) conducted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology [sic] the addictive nature of web browsing can leave you with an attention span of nine seconds – the same as a goldfish.

An anonymous US web browser was recorded saying:

“When I’m on the internet, my attention span is shorter for each thing because there are so many things to choose from, so instead of focusing on one thing and getting the most out of it, I find myself getting bored quickly because I know there are so many more things out there to go to.”

So what does it take to catch someone’s attention? A killer UVP (unique value proposition)? Stressing urgency on a call-to-action? What do you think?

Let’s Test Clue

Since we are all about insights on this blog… I say, let’s find out ourselves, but I will need help from all of you to get enough results for us to analyze. So, make sure to spread the word on the test via Zurb’s Clue interface, because the test will only be available for you for 24 hours.

For this test, I want to focus on one of the more profitable types of websites out on the web today… no not porn, not pills, but the other  “P”… Poker. In this highly competitive market, catching the attention of a potential player/customer is crucial. The test will focus on a popular poker website PartyPoker. How do they approach the 9 second attention span of the average visitor? What will catch your attention in 5-seconds? How will you compare to a Gold Fish? *wink*

Setting Up The Test

Setting up the test is simple. Visit Clue and simply enter the website URL you want to test. Now, the important thing to know is, you won’t be visiting the actual website. Clue will take a screenshot for you participants to look at. This is to guarantee that every participant sees the same image, preventing dynamic content from changing the layout and content.

Zurb Clue - Input Field

Zurb Clue – Input Field, Enter any website you want to test.

Next thing you’ll need to do is spread the test URL and wait for participants… it is up to you to recruit them 😉

Want to help me gather data for this blog post? Then please participate in my test.

Test has been completed, view the results. A big THANK YOU to those who participated.

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