User Experience Books – June 2012

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Here is another overview of upcoming User Experience books for the month of June. Although some of the books in last month’s post were mere announcements, my apologies if I got people’s hopes up, I have to admit that Rosenfeld Media’s publication of John Ferrara’s Playful Design was a welcome one and one that I forgot to mention.

Morgan Kaufman has a new book lined up for a June release and if my speculation is correct, A Book Apart and Rosenfeld Media will also be releasing a book this month. So, make some room on your ereaders or in your holiday luggage, because I am sure you will want to read at least one these new titles.

Mobile, Typography, and Emotions are some of the topics covered by the User Experience books set to be released this month.

The User Experience Books

The Mobile Frontier

The Mobile Frontier coverAccording to the Rosenfeld Media website, Rachel Hinmen’s new book ‘The Mobile Frontier’ will be the essential guide to the mobile frontier. Will this book make you go all dance-with-wolves on you and turn you into the mobile version of Kevin Costner? I hope so. I think that with this book alongside Josh Clark’s ‘Tapworthy‘ in your pocket or ereader, you can become a star in the mobile scene.

The website goes on to tell us a little more on what the book will focus on:

  • Basic lessons in mobile UX design that will enable readers to begin designing mobile experiences with confidence
  • In-depth information on advanced mobile design topics UX professionals will spend the next 10+ years pioneering
  • Interviews with mobile industry experts
  • The tools and frameworks necessary to begin tackling mobile UX problems in a rapidly changing design space.

We have contacted our friends at Rosenfeld Media for a review copy and we hope to have a review, like we previously did with Playful Design by John Ferrara, online as soon as possible. The expected release date of Rachel Hinmen’s ‘The Mobile Frontier’ is June 11th.

Read More on Rosenfeld Media

On Web Typography

On Web Typography by Jason Santa MariaDid you know that book publisher A Book Apart is about to release its 8th book? It is amazing to see the speed at which A Book Apart is releasing some top-notch books. In my opinion A Book Apart, along with Rosenfeld Media, product some of the best quality print books around. The layout is great too and let us not forget the affordable print/ebook bundles. Amazon can really learn a thing or two from these two.

In On Web Typography, Jason Santa Maria, the found of the New York based design studio Mighty, admits that fully grasping typography can take a lifetime. Jason is convinced, however, that anyone can move beyond the basics. In On Web Typography many topics are covered, from typographic planning to understanding the impact of typography on reading.

As the A Book Apart website quotes:

“Through an understanding of our design tools and how they relate to the web as a medium, we can empower ourselves to use type in meaningful and powerful ways.”

The expected release date of Jason Santa Maria’s ‘On Web Typography’ is set for this summer… I am just hoping it is in June 😉

Read More on A Book Apart

Design for Emotion

Design for Emotion… and Designing for Emotion, now don’t get these to mixed up. Aaron Walter’s book, published by A Book Apart, has a similar title, kind of covers the same topic, but is an entirely different book.

From what I can gather from the Amazon description, Design for Emotion will be focusing more on the practical side of ‘connecting with the users’ by demonstrating, with a plethora of examples, the A.C.T. (Attract/Converse/Transact) model.

The book is written by author duo Trevor van Gorp and Edie Adams, both experts in the fields of emotional design. I have always been a fan of practical approaches, so even though I found Aaron Walter’s Designing for Emotion a book worth reading, I will definitely keep an open mind when reading Trevor and Edie’s book. There can never be enough books on bleeding edge topics like this.

The expected release date is June 29th.


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