Setting up a remote usability test at

Setting up a remote usability test at

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Userlytics has been getting a lot of press attention lately. After launching a Freemium subscription model, it was little over a week ago that they also announced their Mobile App Usability Testing feature.

In the press release, Userlytics’ CEO Alejandro Rivas-Micoud stated that:

The new Mobile App User Experience Testing capability of Userlytics allows for anyone to capture & observe the mobile UX and usability of IOS devices remotely, with no need for a usability lab or focus group facility.

Free account = Free testing

Like any healthy person, I was curious to find out how this new feature worked and looked. How does this ‘hardware-free’ method of performing mobile usability test work? What can we test exactly and how do we go about and setup up a remote user test?

Using my free account… remember the one I wrote about? Well, to refresh your memory, Userlytics offers a free subscription model. This means that when you sign up for the free account, you will get 7 credits a month to perform tests with. To perform a mobile remote user test, however, you’ll need 18 credits per participant.

Now, don’t go fretting just yet. If you are opening a new free account, you will get 7 credits, plus an additional (one-time) 33 credits for free. This gives you a grand total of 40 credits to start testing with, good for 2 mobile remote user test participants.

Setting up a remote usablity test

What you need to keep in mind is that setting up a mobile remote usability test at Userlytics is a little different from setting up a non-mobile test. The biggest difference is the Userlytics Panel participant segmentation feature in the test setup form.

Userlytics - Panel Recruitment Form

More panel segmentation options for non-mobile remote user testing.

The test that I setup was done in a Gold account, so you might see some features that are not available in the Freemium version. The setup is pretty straight forward and just like with any other test:

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

…in other words, make sure you go in prepared. Make sure that you know what you want to test, define the proper steps (tasks) and goals for the participants.

Instructional Video


As you can see from this video, setting up the actual test is a piece of cake. The most crucial parts of remote user testing is preparation and post-test analysis. Whenever you perform remote usability testing, this is what you will spend most of your time on.

The options available in Userlytics are nice, especially in the Gold account. The Gold account will let you, for example, ask post-test survey questions. These questions are easily filled in in the form. Even when you are stuck for a question, like many other remote user testing tools out there, Userlytics offers you a nice survey question database from which you can select a pre-defined question.

Even for the non-creative people among us, who have trouble defining a test and even survey questions, setting up a remote user test is made easy and accessible for anyone. Now, stop reading and go test!

Read more about my Remote Usability Testing services.

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  1. Hi Matthew – I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog.

    On the topic of free remote user testing sites, I’ve launched a new one at

    It’s completely free and geared specifically towards user benchmarking for competitive assessments. This is something I’ve used at several companies and have finally decided to make it available to others.

    I’d love to know what you think.

    ~ Ryan

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