Remote Usability Testing:

Remote Usability Testing:

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From set up to insights. Over the past week, I have done some video work for this website to help you get to grips with remote usability testing.

I started by creating a short tutorial video on how to set up a remote usability test at The second video showed you how to use the website’s features to analyse a remote usability test and in this post, I want to share with you a compilation video of the remote usability test of


Referly is an Online Referral System for your social network.

Source: Crunchbase

Earning money through various affiliate programs is hard. Managing the huge number of accounts you’ll need to sign up for all of those affiliate programs is a nightmare. It is for this reason that Danielle and Kevin Morrill started back in May 2012. According to Crunchbase:

Referly tracks the links you share, and rewards you for your friends’ actions. When you share your favorite products and services, you build a reputation as the “go-to guru” for the things you love, and get rewards for generating purchases.

In other words, makes earning money through affiliate programs easy for you, since all you need to do is sign up for the service, and they will do the rest. Of course, they’ll take a percentage of the fee, and the rest is put into your account at

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New Business, New Functionalities & New Users

I signed up myself just a few weeks ago and although I don’t catch myself using it daily, I still like the idea. I have emailed the team a few times with some questions about my account, and they were quick to reply. The team is very eager and it looks like they are working hard on paving the road in front of them.

With every new online business come new functionalities and new user. I was interested to learn how others found the sign-up process and experienced the different functionalities on the website. So, I turned to my trusted friend… Remote User Testing. Let’s have a look at some of those insights!

DISCLAIMER: This review was created by myself and is in no way ‘complete’. Some shortcuts were taken for the purpose of publishing this blog post since I do all of this in my spare time, which, with 3 kids, is not much. I like to consider myself objective and skilled enough to detect possible issues on a website and discuss these in the open. I agree that because only 1 user was tested it is impossible to claim significance, but I know that any finding could be a catalyst to improving the website overall’s experience.

Remote Usability Testing:

The following is a summary of the test. It includes the tasks as they were presented to the participant, a list of insights gained from the single 8 minute test result, and answers to the open-ended questions which the participant completes after the video portion of the test. Interested in how the test was set up? Make sure you watch our tutorial video.

Test Tasks

  • Look around the home page and talk about what you think the site is about: what can you do here, what’s it for, what strikes you about it?
  • Do you trust this company? Do they look reliable?
  • Complete the steps necessary to create a new account. Stop after your account has been created.
  • When prompted to add your first product to your personal page go to, find a random product, copy and paste the URL to

Insights Summary

  1. Persuasion ‘Brand Logos’: Since is new to people, getting people to sign up can be difficult. As the participant experienced this first hand, she correctly notes that placing the logos of some very popular brands could have persuaded her to sign up more easily.
  2. Sign-up Bug: When trying to sign up, using the social media buttons, the participant ran into what looked like a lag issue causing her to grow impatient with the responsiveness of the website.
  3. Persuasion ‘$1 Referral Bonus’: After the participant had completed the sign-up, she was presented with an interesting selling point. Everyone who signs up can earn a $1 referral bonus for signing other people up to the service. The participant correctly mentioned that this selling point would be more effective if shown prior to signing-up.
  4. Overlapping UI Elements: A quick investigation needs to be done into the overlapping UI elements the participant experienced after signing-up. The elements associated with the ‘add link’ form field were not properly aligned with the form field element. This could be an isolated local issue.
  5. Adding Bookmarklet: Although the participant recognised the bookmarklet as a tool, it was unclear to her how it worked, or could get it to work. The instructions were quite clear from an objective point of view, but clearly there is room for improvement.

Particpant’s Answers

With every test, you can ask up to 4 open-ended questions for participants to answer. Here are the responses to the default questions for the test.
  1. What frustrated you most about this site? Just the confusion of exactly how it worked. I was unsure if I added my product or not.
  2. If you had a magic wand, how would you improve this site? I would add a step by step tutorial. I wasn’t sure if everything worked properly so a tutorial would’ve been great for clarification.
  3. What did you like about the site? I liked the concept of it. I liked the ability to look for a product and get a commission if somebody buys your referral.
  4. How likely are you to recommend this site to a friend or colleague (0=Not at all likely, and 10=Very Likely)? 7, only because I’m still unclear on how the process works.

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