Qualaroo for Custom Exit Surveys

Qualaroo for Custom Exit Surveys

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Do you know of Qualaroo? You should! Nothing, in my opinion, is more valuable to a conversion optimization specialist than the voice of the customer, or should we say visitor, because let’s be honest, not every visitor is a customer… yet.

Over the past years I have made avid use of different feedback tools to collect a visitor’s sentiment on many different aspects of the online business. There are different goals to set for yourself when collecting visitor feedback and in most cases, the most valuable ones, are when you collect that voice that wants to leave your website right smack in the middle of the checkout process. I mean… why would you want to leave then?

The bottom line is, is that visitor feedback is your goldmine which you can prospect for optimization ideas.

NOTE KISSinsights now Qualaroo: As of 31 July 2012, KISSinsights will continue as Qualaroo. Read More

Exit Surveys

Like I mentioned before, Exit Surveys are fantastic for collecting a real visitor’s sentiment on your site. In the traditional sense of the term ‘exit survey’ the setup would consist of a javascript on your website which would trigger when a visitor lands on a page containing that script. The script would pop-up a friendly window and ask you if ‘after your visit is complete’ you would like to fill in a short survey about the said visit.

iPerceptions’ 4Q is a popular tool used for this method of feedback collection. It does the job well, and even though they have abandoned their freemium model, the insights that can be extrapolated are priceless.

My burning question is, is it really the most effective way to collect insights. Sure it is good to know if people were able to complete or not complete the tasks they had at hand when arriving on your site, but it takes a lot of time and effort to really find out how you can best improve your website based on their feedback. Since most surveys are focused on the entire website and not a specific page or task (or task flow such as purchasing), finding out why visitors leave and how you could possibly fix this doesn’t come easy.

Mouseout Event

Are there tools out there that can help you focus on a single page or task? Absolutely. The three that quickly jump to mind are Qualaroo, Kampyle and Feedbackify. Although all 3 are worthy contenders, only two make use of an interesting technique to approaching supposedly abandoning visitors.

Qualaroo and Kampyle make use of a script that captures the ‘Mouseout’ event on the HTML node of a web page. In layman’s terms… the script know when a visitor moves the mouse cursor off of the active web page. So, if you were to move your mouse cursor off of the page you were viewing to, for example, the URL address bar, the script would trigger and display, in this case, an invitation to an exit survey.

Kampyle calls this technique their ‘push mechanism‘, but Qualaroo also offers the same technology.


How do we go and create an exit survey with Qualaroo then? Well, let’s look at the checklist:

  1. Find an area in the (purchase) process on your website where visitors abandon
  2. Create an exit survey test in Qualaroo
  3. Place the javascript on the effected page (or entire website, depends on your tagging constraints)
  4. Activate the exit survey, sit back and relax…
For the purpose of this blog post, I will be focusing on the placing of an exit survey in the (multi-step) checkout process. If people have come this far in your website and something is stopping them in their tracks, we need to find out! No seriously… we do!
So, using your web analytics package try to find out in which steps of your checkout process visitors are abandoning the most. Hop over to your Qualaroo account at create a new survey.

Creating The Survey

Create the survey like you normally would. For instance, call it ‘Step X – Exit Survey’ where X stands for the step in the checkout funnel that you have just identified as a bleeder. Enter the URL of the page where you want the survey to appear.

Configure Survey - Qualaroo

Select the specific page you want the survey to appear on.

Asking the Question

For the question, pick something neutral but inviting… and more importantly keep it simple. Questions that I have used in the past are:

  • “Hey… we noticed you don’t want to finish your purchase, do you mind telling us why?”
  • “Uhoh, don’t want to buy from us? Could you tell us why?”
Choosing the right question is important, but don’t lose sleep over it. A lot depends on the context of the website, is it formal, leisure… adapt appropriately.


Coming up with answers that reflect real reasons for visitors wanting to leave your website is a learn-as-you-go process. The first time you launch an exit survey like this, put some standard answers in there such as:
  • I experience a technical problem
  • I wanted to know the total price
  • My creditcard did not work
  • I need to confer with my partner first
  • I wanted to see what was included
  • Other [open ended question]
The ‘Other’ option is crucial for going forward. Visitors will, when they don’t see a matching option, tell you what made them stop. It is from this answer that you will get more insights into possible hurdles blocking your visitors from purchasing. In other words, you need to adapt your exit survey regularly by adding new answers based on the feedback you get in the ‘Other’ open ended question.


We have created our survey, setup our questions and answers… now we need to configure the survey. This is the easy part as there is really only one default setting we need to change. Under the title ‘Display the survey’ edit the option to the second one entitled “When the above criteria is met and the user moves their cursor towards the browser close button”. This will ensure that the survey remains hidden until the mouseout event is detected.
Configure Survey - Qualaroo

Select the second option to keep the survey hidden until the mouseout event is triggered.

This function does not work in all browsers, but enough to get the insights you need.
You are now set to place the javascript on your website or on the specific webpage and activate the survey. Let the data flow in and get to work on analyzing it and making it actionable.

Real Insights

This blog, actualinsights*, wouldn’t be what it is today if I didn’t add some real world data… and since you have held out so vigorously until the end of this blog post, let me share some real insights!

The most interesting fact for me was that the survey completion rate was a staggering 17% during my most recent exit survey in the Travel industry. So, of all the abandoners, 17% of them took the time to respond and tell us why they weren’t buying from us… can you imagine doing that at a store?

Survey Responses

A clear distinction in responses and some interesting insights from the ‘Other’ option.

As you can see, a majority of the respondents told us that they either needed to confer with their (travel) partner or they just wanted to know the total price. From this we can gather several insights, such as research the possibility of a Postponed Booking option, that will allow visitors to take an option on a holiday, but book and pay later.

As for the total price issue, a little more research would be able to tell us why they do this. Is it to compare the price with competitors, are they window shopping, have they recently booked and they are visiting again to see if the price has changed… and so on.

In the ‘Other’ option we found two big issues, one being a visitors preference for the flights mainly the option to choose which airline company accommodates the flight to the holiday destination and second, display discounts more continuously especially among older visitors (looking for their old age pensioners discount).

Survey Findings

Drilling down into individual responses is where you’ll find your goldmine!

When you drill down into the individual responses, this is where you will find your pot of gold. Now, remember the flight preference issue in the previous paragraph? Look at the responses above and tell me what you think. People are hesitant to book a holiday because of the airline carrier who will perform the flight to the holiday destination. To briefly clarify… the travel industry is a complex vertical to work in. In most case you are not selling your own products (hotel, flight, hotel, insurances etc.) but you are in actual fact a reseller. This makes it hard to really improve your services.

In this case Transavia, a Dutch charter company, is preferred over the Turkish Onur Air. In the past there have been many issues around Onur Air’s level of maintenance on their flights causing some serious inflight and ground incidents. It is understandable that visitors are hesitant.

It is your mission as a conversion optimization specialist to help fix this and save customers. You have sought out and discovered a purchase blocking issue, become the hero and save that revenue!

About Matthew Niederberger

Matthew works as Conversion Optimisation Manager at Ziggo BV. In his free time he enjoys family life as well as digging into online user research material whilst frequently generating some of his own, which he freely shares here on actualinsights.com.


  1. Nice post Matthew. Do you know if you can integrate Kissinsights surveys in your Google Analytics stats?

    So you can compare that data with visitors, who didn’t fill in your survey.

    • As far as I know KISSinsights does not integrate with GA. It does, I believe, integrate with KISSmetrics (ironic).

      In the past I have only succesfully integrated Kampyle and iPerceptions’ 4Q with GA. It is really worth the effort to be honest, especially for segmentstion purposes 🙂

  2. Thankys for your answer. Why do you use Kissinsights and not Kampyle.

    More flexibility in q&a? Segmentation purposes with 4Suite is really fine, but they don’t give you the possibility for exit surveys.

    Or am I wrong?

    • Kampyle’s pricing is quite steep. KISSinsights lets you focus on a single question if you want without presenting visitors with a ‘Rate us’ question. In all honesty I have done exit surveys with Kampyle, it works well enough (you can even collect extras info such as Name, Email, Phone number etc.) but I just found KISSinsights ‘to the point’. Which tools have you tried?

  3. Thank you for your explanation. I have tried Wufoo and 4Suite for online surveys.

    I think the focus on one question also very interesting, but also the integration with Google Analytics. You’re right, that to the point focus important is to get instant feedback.

    And data as Email,phone nummer is not my goal to acquire.

    • Gerard, Like you said, it all depends on your goal. The examples I mentioned in which you can collect name, email and phone numbers are perfect if you want to try and re-engage with the visitor. This is usually the case for ecommerce dependent websites (if they don’t have another robust system in place to capture this data). It is a shame that KISSinsights does not integrate with GA, but then again, I only use it on ad-hoc basis. I have never used KISSinsights in a permanent form. Wufoo is a good tool. I would really recommend using KISSinsights to capture visitors to your Wufoo survey (see my blog post on setting up the invite: http://www.actualinsights.com/2011/guerilla-online-panel-recruitment/), the reporting is really ‘fun’ in Wufoo.

  4. Robbert-Jan says:

    I know KISSinsights is working on a integration with Google Analytics. For the time being, you can try to implement this: http://un-analyste-web.blogspot.com/2012/01/track-kissinsights-surveys-with-google.html

    • Hi Robbert-Jan. Thanks for the link. That’s amazing, I am glad Sébastien took the time to research and share the jquery code to track KISSinsights in Google Analytics. Have you used it yourself? Was it easy to realize?

  5. Thanks for your comment Robbert-Jan.

    Have you implemented the code below under the Kissinsights script?:

    if (question && anwser) _gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’, ‘VOC-‘ + surveyId, question, anwser]);

    Or a different way to implement this advanced jQuery code?

  6. You are welcome 🙂

  7. Wow $199 / month for a simple exit survey w qualaroo…

    Guys i’ve spent an hour plus looking at dozens of apps All I need is a simple exit survey – wtf are you leaving my site

    Do I really have to go to elance and get tortured by a coder to get this simple thing?


    • Mark H says:

      Agreed. Utterly ridiculous. The small plan, which is $79/mo is still not good enough due to lack of _everything_ important. The next up plan is locking me in for quarterly billing of $279/mo!!!! Looks like in the past few months since your comment they raised the pricing again!

      So now I have to pay $837 in one shot to be able to use their normal plan. No matter what their argument is, that is way too steep!

      And why are they the only ones in the neat exit survey game? Don’t tell me that’s their reasoning to keep upping the price.

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