Interview with Userlytics’ CEO Alejandro Rivas Micoud

Interview with Userlytics’ CEO Alejandro Rivas Micoud

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Today, Userlytics officially announced their solution for mobile remote user testing for iOS devices. This unmoderated approach to usability testing is unique in that it won’t require any additional hardware to record test sessions.

Through a connection between the user’s iOS device and personal computer, Userlytics is able to record remote user tests with any participant with a Bluetooth enabled computer.

With mobile usability testing becoming ever more important due to the rising number of apps and mobile websites available in the market today, it is good to know that another affordable testing solution is here!

In this article, I sit down with Userlytics CEO Alejandro Rivas Micoud and talk to him about remote user testing, mobile testing, and his vision of the future of unmoderated usability testing.

Alejandro Rivas Micoud

Alejandro Rivas Micoud

Read Userlytics Press Release

What makes you different from other remote usability testing platforms? 

Native Mobile IOS testing capability, with no hardware like a camera or special mounting fixtures needing to be used or installed by respondents. We use a special wireless projection technology, so whatever a respondent does on a screen is projected onto the participant desktop.

That way, we capture both the participants and what they say via their desktop webcam, AND, the screen recording of the mobile IOS device they are interacting with.

So how do the finger movements get captured?

They don’t. That is one of the key advantages, your view of the IOS screen is unimpeded by fingers. But you see the RESULTS of the finger movements, you see how the screen changes. Plus, you see it in a Picture in Picture synchronized video that includes the webcam video of the respondent. This is the 1st service of its kind and it is a game changer for anyone interested in optimizing the user experience of their mobile apps and websites

Hopefully everybody?


What about Android?

Working on it, should be there soon.

That said, usability testing and user experience testing is not QA testing. It is not about finding out if your app or website works from every major type of mobile device.

It IS about ensuring the user can find what they need, understand what they find, and use it to achieve their goals (usability).

Or about ensuring that users are seduced by what they learn, and empowered by what they control (user experience).

Using a mobile IOS device to test for usability and user experience is going to uncover most of the issues, regardless of whether the access device is Android or IOS or something else….

What about pricing? You have a Freemium model, how does that work?

We offer a free service whereby anyone can conduct 7 free tests of any website or combination, per month.

So you cannot test prototypes?

We can, absolutely, but that is part of a paid service, the Silver Plan, which costs $39 a month and you can conduct up to 25 tests a month, on any online or offline asset or set of assets

But the client has to provide respondents…

Not really. The client can choose to do so, if they have access to a good panel, use a 3rd party panel, or wish to recruit from their website. Or they can place a customizable Widget we provide for them, and invite visitors to their pages to participate.

However, we also provide full recruitment services and access to our panel. So clients need not involve themselves with the complex and difficult job of recruitments.

So this means if you are a free subscriber, you need to find the participants yourself?

Yes, but we are offering a free promotion so that even as a free subscriber you can conduct a free pilot test, even an IOS mobile device usability test, when you first subscribe.

I see that sometimes the results include the webcam view, and sometimes they only include a screen recording and audio, like many of your competitors; what is that all about?

Userlytics Example

Integrated dynamic Picture in Picture system

Our integrated dynamic Picture in Picture system for viewing participants remotely through their webcam, and simultaneously viewing what they are seeing and interacting with, is unique.

That said, sometimes respondents are of a demographic that find webcams intrusive. Sometimes the client does not wish webcam availability being a limiting factor in respondent recruitment. And sometimes the client simply wishes for a simpler and more affordable solution for the majority of the respondents, and the integrated webcam view only when honing into key issues, and to aid in convincing stakeholders of the findings of the study.

So we offer the screen + audio for the Basic, Silver and Gold, and the Integrated WebCam view for our Custom Enterprise projects.

How can a client deal effectively with all the video results that your system can provide?

We provide a time stamped full verbal transcription service whereby clients can use text searches to locate specific items, and then click on them to go to the specific video and timeline moment.

What do you do with the results? Do you provide analysis and recommendations?

We do. On a custom project bass, we provide study plan definition including test design, tasks, questions, methodologies etc. And review of results, analysis and recommendations in an executive summary report.

Where do you see yourselves, and your industry, in 5 years?

Almost every employee of every major company and startup has what we call a “toothbrushing” process in relation to observing and studying customer and user behaviour and experience.

They have been empowered by services like ours to observe customer interactions every day, in every location (home, office, travelling), from any type of device (computer, TV, Game console, mobile platform).

Market research and usability and user experience departments are no longer running every study; They are running the infrastructure that enables their peers and colleagues in marketing, advertising, product marketing, design, development and customer service to observe and learn from clients every day.

And they are running the infrastructure that enables the analysis and application of the results.

And then, occasionally, they are running “Bet the Company” research projects. But in general, they have moved up the chain to occupy a more strategic and operational position, empowering almost every employee to be researching their customers on a daily basis.

Read Userlytics Press Release

Thanks, you are running a very interesting company, with a mix of very affordable and simple tools and some very sophisticated enterprise capabilities. Best wishes achieving your vision!

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