Clicktale’s UX Salary Survey 2012

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So, it has been a few weeks since I lasted posted something on my blog. Well, I was on holiday… I am sure you would do the same.

In my absence, some interesting reports have published. The first one that I would quickly like to cover is Clicktale’s UX Salary Survey 2012.

A few months ago, Clicktale launched the UX Salary Survey, inviting anyone employed in the User Experience field to participate. Worldwide, 543 UX professionals participated in the survey. Now, I won’t be quick to judge, but this number seems awfully low in regards to the number of people we find in our online networks.

According to Clicktale, the survey was initiated to:

compare your compensation to industry peers, better understand what drives compensation in this market, and learn how to increase your value

Personally, I have been working on that last point for quite some time, but I have always been eager to find out more about my peers. Job listings these days hardly ever mention salaries, or even a mere indication of it.

So what does your fellow UX compadre earn?

Clicktale reports that half of the respondents earns anywhere between $50.000 and $125.000 per year. 20% of the participants reported salaries even higher than this. An interesting find is that salaries seemed to peak between the ages of 51 and 55 seeing a drop after that to as low as $75.000 per year.

Here is a small sample of Clicktale’s other findings:

  • Salaries in the financial and health fields tend to be higher, and salaries in the transportation and hospitality fields tend to be lower [note to self = looks like there is room for improvement for me :)]
  • In general, men and women earn comparable salaries. However, the number of men who receive high salaries is relatively larger than the number of women receiving high salaries.
  • Salaries tend to be relatively higher in North America, Australia and Central America. The UX US salary average is more than double that of Europe. [note to self = discuss emigration to one of these three continents with family :)]
  • Almost half of the respondents (45.5%) receives an annual bonus.

[Source: Clicktale’s UX Salary Survey 2012]

Sentiment & Stability

A nice addition to the survey are the questions regarding job security and satisfaction. According to those surveyed:

  • Satisfaction goes up as salaries increase.
  • Satisfaction increases as job security goes up.
  • UX employees working in the insurance industry are the lease satisfied with their job.
  • Satisfaction goes down as the amount of employees in a company increases.

[Source: Clicktale’s UX Salary Survey 2012]

Who wins?

Clicktale UX Salary Survey - Winner

Basically, the report taught me that the UX Salary Champions match the following description:

Are males with a post-graduate degree and knowledge of IBM Unica, aged between 51-55 years, and work for a Finance company with more than 10.000 employees and that generate more than $10B in revenue. Anyone know of any openings? Please share it in the comments 😉

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