Analysing Remote Usability Tests at

Analysing Remote Usability Tests at

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After having set up a remote usability test, the next step is to analyse the results. This work is more often than not, the most laborious.

On average, personally, it can take me up to an hour to analyse a fifteen minute thoroughly. It is important to realize this. Remote usability testing might be  a fast method of getting results, but analysing remote usability tests can take a lot of time..

Clips, Annotations and Highlight Reels oh my…

In this second part of my tutorial, I talk about the tools and functions that are at your disposal, via the dashboard, for you to analyse the videos with.

The environment allows for easy online analysis through the use of the following features:

  • Create annotations
  • Create clips (for use with Highlights Reel Beta)
  • Create Highlights Reel Beta
  • Review tasks
  • Review answers of open questions
  • Contact/Rating Participant
  • Downloading video material (for offline use, ie. reviewing and creation of compilation videos)

Analysing Remote User Tests

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Offline to Online… enter the Highlight Reel

In the past, I resorted to downloading the videos of each individual participant and importing these into a video editor (iMovie or Screenflow in my case). In these editors, I would analyse the videos and quickly create clips and paste these into the compilation video. With the new Highlights Reel feature, still in Beta, I am confident that I will be doing more of my analysis online.

In combination with the Export to Excel functionality, it will allow me to quickly do my analysis and send a file to my clients for review. The Excel contains links to the clips and annotations you make, making it a perfect post-analysis reference for you to share.

However, I will never stop offline editing, purely because I am not always in a place with an internet connection. Downloading, then editing, is still the easy way to go at times, and I would just like more control over the compilation video that I would like to present to clients. This is still subjective. I am curious to find out how you guys do this? Please share in the comments.

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Matthew works as Conversion Optimisation Manager at Ziggo BV. In his free time he enjoys family life as well as digging into online user research material whilst frequently generating some of his own, which he freely shares here on

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